Hedges with Colourful Autumn Foliage

A selection of hedging (and other) plants, trees and shrubs noted for their Autumn colour to give valuable late season colour in your garden, browse the full selection here.

Hedges with Autumn colour – One of the first hedging plants to spring to mind for autumn leaf colour is of course the Beech, both Green and Purple as they will turn the most wondrous copper colour in autumn to be retained through the winter months. Similarly, Hornbeam another leaf retainer will turn a chocolatey brown. However, the spectacular brilliant red/orange colour, resembling an amazing sunset, of the foliage of an Amelanchier Lamarkii hedge takes a lot of beating, brightening up the garden tremendously.

All of the Dogwood hedging varieties, apart from the stems giving a brilliant show of colour through the winter months, have autumn foliage colour of reds, oranges and yellows apart from the Black Stemmed Dogwood where the leaves turn from deep green to an intense rich purple. Amongst other hedges with Autumn colour the clear golden yellow autumn foliage of Field Maple hedging plants can often be seen adorning a hedgerow along with the red autumnal shades of Spindle and Guelder Rose leaves and the crimson hues of the Wayfaring Tree.

For a prickly security hedge either Green Berberis or Purple Berberis hedging plants would be perfect with the added attraction of brilliant red/orange autumn foliage on the green variety and red colour on the purple variety thus softening the fact that the plant is covered in sharp prickles. The varieties of Cherry hedging plants, often included in Mixed Native Hedging, such as Cherry Bird or Cherry Wild and Cornelian Cherry all have dark green foliage through the spring and summer months changing to reddish yellow colours in autumn.

Many plants in our hedges with Autumn colour list also provide berries to complement or contrast the colour of the foliage making the garden a more interesting place to be.