Dogwood Annys Winter Orange Hedging

The Dogwood Annys Winter Orange (Cornus Sanguinea Annys Winter Orange) is a medium-sized, upright, deciduous shrub, that provides interest throughout all seasons.

Its leaves are a soft and delicate shade of green during warm summer months, while autumn time brings colours of orange, coral and butter yellow for you to enjoy. A true beauty to look at, its stem produces at the base a radiant yellow colour which deepens to a bright orange and red nearer the tips. They also produce beautiful dainty white flowers during summer which then turn to clusters of dark purple berries, which birds and wildlife love. They work wonders in any beds, truly bringing them to life, as if on fire, especially when planted with other bold winter shrub groups.

It can grow up to two and a half metres tall and the same in width, although it does take between five and ten years to achieve its ultimate height. This plant loves full or partial sunlight and sand, chalk, loam or clay soil that is well-drained yet moist. In fact, the Dogwood Anny’s Winter Orange resides well in damp areas, that has poor drainage and can be exposed to the elements too; it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a sheltered spot.

They’re easy to grow and look after, with pruning to a minimum – to the point where they don’t need regular pruning. It is recommended to prune them flush to the ground every two to three years in early spring, as fresh growth always produces the brighter colour.

We have a range of Dogwood Annys Winter Orange plants available in pot form. For more information on this plant or any of our other hedging varieties, contact our specialist team members for more information.

Potted Hedging

We deliver these plants to you in the pots they are grown in, because there is no root disturbance they can delivered and planted all year round with excellent results.
  • Dogwood Annys Winter Orange Potted Hedging 16/24in 40/60cm

    Dogwood Annys Winter Orange Potted Hedging 16/24in 40/60cm

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