Dogwood Black Stemmed (Cornus Alba Kesselringii) is a medium sized deciduous shrub that has deep, emerald green foliage, which turns a beautiful shade of purple come autumn and, in winter, shows off its purple and black stem colour. It is a vigorous, upright hedge, making it a fantastic choice to be planted in big, bold and informal groups, alongside other dogwood varieties. White flowers bloom during spring and summer that then make way for white berries.

This hedge prefers full sunlight and/or partial sunlight in either an exposed or sheltered spot. They thrive well in either clay, loam or sandy soil that is moist but has good drainage. The Dogwood Black Stemmed can reach heights of up to two and a half metres, and the same in width too. It does take between five and ten years to reach the optimum height however.

Like the rest of the Dogwood hedges, they do not need regular pruning, but when you want to, a hard pruning session in the Spring will suit this hedge well. Why? Well, it will allow for the best colour to come through on its stems, as the younger the stem, the brighter the colour will be come winter.

Here at Hopes Grove Nurseries we would recommend planting these hedges two feet apart, to allow maximum growth. We have a range of Dogwood Black Stemmed plants available in bare-root form. For more information on this plant or any of our other hedging plants, contact our specialist team members for more information.