Further Information about Dogwood Hedging

Dogwood hedge leaves display fiery and dramatic colours throughout the autumn and winter seasons, but are also relatively low maintenance. There are approximately 20-60 species of Dogwood hedge species, with its Latin name ‘Cornus’ meaning horn, attributed to its thick wood.

Throughout history, Cornus hedging has been specially cultivated for a wide number of uses. From being used as wood to manufacture golf clubs, to being utilised as the first laminate for tennis rackets. Even used as one of the human species’ first toothbrushes, its fine, grained wood has been beneficial to humans for centuries. More recently, they’re commonly used in vivid garden displays and in public areas to add visual interest.

As great shrubs for winter interest, Dogwoods come alive in the winter months with the beauty of their coloured stems. As a large, deciduous shrub, Dogwood hedges (Cornus) are a popular choice for a number of different reasons – the most prominent being their vivid, attractive appearance during the winter months. They’re also appreciated by green-fingered gardeners as an attraction for several different wildlife species, enticing birds, butterflies and bees alike due to their stems providing the ideal nesting site and protected habitat.

How to Plant Dogwood

To get the best out of the unique appearance of these Dogwood plants it is a good idea to plant them in groups, to give a full view of their beautiful colours. According to experts, Dogwood hedging benefits from some tough love, with regular pruning before they bud after the first year. If you cut them back, feed and water them well then you will be rewarded with their vivid, colourful stems for years to come.

We stock a large variety of Dogwood hedges including Common Dogwood, Dogwood Winter Orange, Black Stemmed Dogwood, Gold Variegated Dogwood, Dogwood Midwinter Fire, Red Stemmed Dogwood, Silver Variegated Dogwood and Yellow Stem Dogwood. Each species adds a distinctive flair to your outdoor space that will be the envy of your fellow gardeners and landscapers.

Their versatile, hardy properties make them great in moist areas, as well as areas that are sunny or feature partial shade. They can also be planted in front of other evergreen hedging plants, where other plants would typically struggle due to the short supply of light, nutrients and water.

They can be planted alongside traditional native hedges for added interest, or they can be planted individually for their bright colours or different species planted together for colour contrast. Depending on your preference, you may wish to select the orange of common dogwood, striking red-stemmed dogwood or yellow stemmed dogwood.

Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?

Hopes Grove Nurseries are the UK’s industry-leading hedging specialists. We know our stuff when it comes to hedging plants and ground cover plants. From our home in Kent, the UK’s Garden of England, we specialise in growing local, fresh, high-quality hedging plants for our customers to enjoy all year round.

Whether you’re looking for yew hedging, common box hedging, Thuja hedging or something more unusual, we’re bound to have the ideal species for your open space. We work with gardeners and landscapers across the country to deliver the highest quality hedging to your door. For over 30 years we’ve gathered knowledge on the best growing and planting processes, combined with our love and passion for plants to ensure that the chances of a successful plant are maximised. Take a look at our Feefo reviews to learn more about what our customers think.

We stock over half a million planting varieties, the majority of which are grown exclusively by us. This allows us complete control over the growing process, where our talented staff can keep a close eye on your hedge’s progress.

Our dedicated team members work in all weathers 365-days a year to ensure our success, and we’re extremely proud of the effort and expertise we put into our plants. Each team member, including our sales team, have direct experience in growing our hedges, so they’re best placed to answer any questions you may have regarding your Dogwood hedge. Alternatively, visit our knowledge hub for useful planting advice and tips.

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