Berberis Purple (Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea) is a medium sized deciduous hedge that produces beautiful, delicate yellow flowers in spring that turn into glossy red berries come autumn. The leaves of the Berberis Purple are a purpley green colour during spring, turning to a dark plum, purple colour in the summer. During the autumn the leaves turn into the most gorgeous shade of red.

It makes for an excellent border and security hedge due to its thorns. It works well and looks really good when planted with the Berberis Green hedge, providing you with a strikingly handsome hedge with the green and purple coloured leaves intertwining with one another.

It likes to be planted in any soil, making this hedge one that is suited to nearly every site imaginable, including those that have pollution, times of drought and even wandering deer. The only site it won’t survive in are waterlogged sites, due to a poor drainage system.

Like its counterparts, it is best to prune the Berberis Purple in the late spring, once it has flowered. You can expect this hedge to grow on average up to one foot a year. It is a really easy plant to look after and prefers to be in full sunlight, thus helping to maximise the full potential for those beautiful purple leaves.

As well as keeping intruders at bay, it provides you with a stunning ornamental hedge to admire and also provides food for wildlife – especially birds. We would recommend for these hedges to be planted eighteen inches apart to provide you with that thick, dense and impassable hedge you require.

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