Berberis Hedging

Berberis hedges are an excellent option for a variety of landscaping projects. Berberis is widely recognised as an excellent hedging solution for security purposes, thanks to its prickly aesthetic. It can also grow up to four metres high, making it ideal for bringing an element of privacy to a home or building.

With a wide variation of the deciduous and evergreen plant species, up to 500 in fact, Berberis can be grown almost anywhere, and grows best in the open sun, although some shade is advised for certain species. Berberis hedging plants can be well suited to a variety of landscapes that other hedging varieties may find difficult, from chalky soils to colder, more exposed locations inland.

As well as their privacy and security traits, Berberis hedges are also popular for a number of more visually-pleasing reasons. The vibrant colours that bloom throughout the year makes Berberis an excellent plant for back borders in the flower bed, as well as for typical hedging solutions. Different varieties also offer a number of other features, from berries to decorative leaf characteristics, giving some seasonal variety to every landscape. We offer a broad selection of sizes when it comes to Berberis hedging plants, meaning that you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Take a look at our range of Berberis hedging plants below, or get in touch with one of our experienced team members if you require any further information about the hedging plants that we offer.

Types of Berberis Hedging

  • Berberis darwinii hedging plants

    Berberis Darwinii Hedging

    A great evergreen variety of Berberis making a dense and fairly fast growing prickly hedge, masses of rich orange flowers appear in late spring followed by edible barberries.

  • Green berberis hedging plants Berberis thunbergii

    Berberis Green Hedging

    A deciduous prickly plant that is an excellent intruder deterent often used as a security hedge. Colourful features of yellow flowers in spring and red barberries in autumn.

  • Berberis ottawensis Superba hedging plants

    Berberis Ottawensis Superba Hedging

    An excellent fast-growing shrub. The bright purple foliage makes an excellent backdrop for the pretty yellow flowers, a first class hedge that is very prickly.

  • Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea nana dwarf purple berberis hedging plants

    Berberis Purple Dwarf Hedging

    This dwarf form of Berberis with dense bushy growth has attractive reddish purple foliage in summer which turns to an eyecatching red in autumn.

  • Purple berberis hedging plants Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea

    Berberis Purple Hedging

    This purple variety of Berberis is a deciduous medium sized extremely prickly shrub. Yellow flowers are followed by vibrant red fruits complimenting the red leaf.

  • Berberis thunbergii Rose Glow hedging plants

    Berberis Rose Glow Hedging

    This beautiful variety has rounded purple leaves that are splashed with remarkable combinations of rose pink and cream, particularly on the younger foliage.

  • Berberis stenophylla hedging plants

    Berberis Stenophylla Hedging

    A fast growing prickly evergreen shrub making a very dense security hedge. Masses of rich yellow flowers in late spring are followed by spherical blue fruits.