Berberis Stenophylla is a large evergreen hedge that produces bright, yellow flowers in spring, which are then followed by blue fruits. This hedge is the offspring of two different species of plants that have pollinated. One of them is the Berberis Darwinii, which gives this hedge its prickly nature, with its thorns not only present on the branches but its leaves too.

The fruits it produces once finishing flowering are green to begin with, and then turn a gorgeous shade of purple/blue come autumn. These fruits can be eaten but are extremely acidic in taste. The leaves are leathery in texture and tiny in size, but produce a beautiful deep green colour.

It is a hardy and tough plant which grows well in most soils if they are well drained; this includes growing nicely in clay and chalk soil. It is a great hedge for coastal areas, which are normally harder areas to grow plants due to the nature of the salty air and battering winds. The Berberis Stenophylla will also grow well in shaded areas, but excels at growing in full sunlight.

The hedge will produce a round and dense bush, and will keep intruders out thanks to its prickliness. It makes for a perfect screening hedge to increase your privacy levels. We’d recommend planting these hedges eighteen to twenty-four inches apart, and can be maintained from any height – and like their other family members, trimming these hedges after they have flowered in spring is ideal. They are fast growing hedges too, on average growing one foot a year.

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