A low growing hedge with stunning purple leaves that turn the perfect shade of red come autumn, the Berberis Purple Dwarf makes for a great, eye catching border hedge. A deciduous hedge in a dwarf form, compared to its Berberis relatives, it helps to create a dense and bushy hedge that looks magnificent when set amongst other low hedges that have contrasting green colours to them.

In spring you can expect their trademark purple flowers to bloom, creating and bringing a magnificent colour to your garden. You can also expect to see flowers in spring, and it is once the hedge has finished flowering that we recommend to prune it back to the height, width and look you want.

Come autumn you can look forward to seeing the leaves turn a fantastic shade of red, and for berries to form on the hedge for wildlife to forage and feed upon. It can grow to two feet high and generally likes to be planted in most soils, apart from waterlogged soils. It is great once established at surviving drought conditions and pollution, and grows well in full sunlight and partial shade/partial sunlight spots too. When planting your Berberis Purple Dwarf hedges we would recommend that they are planted twelve inches apart, to allow space for them to bloom into that bushy and dense hedge you require.

For more information on our wide and varied selection of Berberis Purple Dwarf plants or any of our other hedging plants, contact our specialist team members for more information.