Hedges for Partial Shade – Customers often ask us for advice on suitable hedging plants for partially shaded parts of the garden, areas that receive sun for part of the day but miss out on its full intensity all day.

Some plants will grow in conditions of both full sun and some shade while others benefit from missing out on direct sunlight all day. The amount of sun that the site for your new hedge receives is an important consideration when choosing the right hedge species.

Hedges for partial shade may need a little extra help with watering while they get established, especially if the shade is being cast by much larger trees and shrubs, even if they are some distance away from the area being planted. It is likely they will have large and extensive root systems and so will still compete for water with your new hedge. Our soaker hose can be an easy way of achieving an effective watering solution.

Adding rootgrow when planting is also a great way to get your new hedge off to a good start and is especially useful less than ideal planting conditions.

Hedging plants with colourful leaves such as the Spotted Laurel can look particularly effective in a partially shaded site where its colourful yellow speckled leaves will stand out when the sun has passed. Other colourful hedge ideas for partial shade include Berberis Rose Glow, many varieties of Dogwood Hedging, Elaeagnus and Euonymus hedges and Hollies.

We have a varied and interesting selection of flowering hedges for partial shade including Choisya (Mexican Orange Blossom), Deutzia, Escallonia, Flowering Currant, Potentillas and a selection of Hedging Hydrangeas.

Many of our most popular hedging species are also suitable hedges for partial shade including Common Laurel, Box hedges, English Yew, Beech hedging, Hornbeam, Privet and Thuja hedging varieties.

If you need any further advice on the subject of hedges for partial shade, please call our friendly sales team on 01580 765600.