Further Information about Golden Yew Hedge Plants - Taxus x media 'Tymon'

This new variety of Golden Yew Tymon is considered to be a much improved version of the Semperaurea. Although compact it has a spreading and wide growth habit making it an ideal choice for low hedges or edging round borders particularly if box blight is a problem in the area, this plant can make a very worthy alternative.

The young leaves or needles are a bright golden in colour and the sharp eyed gardener should be able to spot an attractive and somewhat unusual green stripe running down the centre of each leaf.

As with all Yews the Tymon Golden Yew hedging plants can be trimmed and shaped either as a hedge or as individual shrubs and although it will grow in partial shade the colouring may well revert to green the vibrant golden colour will be retained more readily if planted in full sun.

Tymon Golden Yew is disease resistant and extremely hardy making it easy to grow particularly if the ground is free draining. The splash of gold will enhance any garden especially in winter when other plants are settling in to duller more autumnal hues.

This easy to grow variety of Yew can grow up to 1 metre but can be kept much lower making a more unusual and attractive alternative to Box hedging. The growth rate is a gentle 10-20cm per year and trimming in autumn ensures it will stay compact and neat in appearance.

Our Golden Yew hedging plants should be planted at 3-6 per metre depending on the size chosen, you can see our specific recommendation for each size next to the product photo.

Our Golden Yew hedging plants are provided in pots making them suitable for planting 12 months of the year subject to availability.

We have a very informative section on our website called “How to plant a hedge” which will hopefully answer any questions you have on the preparation and planting of your order. A colour copy of this guide will be packed with your plant delivery.

The use of Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi and Bonemeal fertiliser is highly recommended help your plants develop and grow, giving them the very best start.

If you require any further information about our Golden Yew hedges or any of our other hedging plants do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01580 765600 or through the contact page on our website.