English Yew hedging plants – One of our best known and best loved hedging plants, often called the King of Hedges or aristocrat of hedging plants, is the English Yew, Common Yew Hedge, or Taxus Baccata. A native conifer with dark green evergreen foliage, that starts off a lighter colour when young.

Very old English Yew trees are frequently seen in churchyards, and will produce fleshy red fruits which are popular with birds, but poisonous to both humans and stock (like every other part of the plant).

Our English Yew hedging plants are available in many forms, bare rooted plants are the traditional and economical way to purchase hedging (especially if you need a lot of plants). They’re available during the dormant season from November until April which is when they should be planted.

Root ball English Yew hedging plants are grown in our fields here on the nursery for a number of years. They are grown via wide spacing to make superb bushy specimens, perfect for that instant effect. They are available in a wide range of heights from October until late April when dormant. We lift them with our specialised root balling machine with the immediate soil and root system which is wrapped in hessian mesh for protection. This should be left on when planting, as it will naturally rot away.

Pot grown English Yew hedging plants are able to be planted at any time, as there is no root disturbance, and will establish well, growing quickly. They are usually available in a very wide range of sizes from the smallest plants in 9cm pots, through to large bushy hedging yews of up to 200cm.

Instant English Yew hedging plants are available in a range of sizes from young troughs that give a good degree of landscape impact at modest cost, through to larger trough hedges and hedge elements, of sizes up to 200cm providing immediate privacy from the moment they are planted.

Planting density is very much a matter of personal choice but we suggest for low hedges of 30-40cm (for example if you are replacing a Box hedge), using our starter plants in 9cm pots at 5 or 6 per metre. For larger hedges and when using the larger sizes of English Yew hedging a lot fewer will be required.

If you have any questions about our English Yew hedging, or any other hedging species that we stock then please do give our friendly team of hedging experts a call on 01580 765600, they will be pleased to help.