Further Information about Hicksii Yew Hedging Plants (Taxus x media 'Hicksii')

Hicksii Yews are similar to English Yew hedging plants in as much as it can be planted in shaded spots and is also similar in its requirement for well drained soil.

If left unclipped Hicksii can produce stunning vivid red berries giving colour in the garden when other plants are getting ready to go dormant for winter.

It grows at 15-30cm per year but can grow faster than this when young and should be trimmed in autumn.

We supply Hicksii Yew hedging plants in pots making them ideal for planting all year round with no root disturbance.

Good ground preparation will give your plants the best possible start removing all grass and weeds then while digging over the soil to a full spades depth add a suitable multi purpose compost or well rotted manure and mix well. If drainage is an issue then the addition of sharp sand or horticultural grit can help.

When planting any new Hicksii Yew hedge we recommend using Bonemeal a slow release fertiliser mixed sparingly with the back filling soil and Rootgrow Mycorrhizal fungi placed in the hole in direct contact with the roots.

We have for your assistance a useful How to plant a hedge guide on the website and will send hard copy of the full planting instructions with your order.

If you have any further queries with regard to our Yew Hicksii or wish your purchase further then do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01580 765600 who will be more than happy to help or through the contact page on our website.