The Ilex Argentea Marginata more commonly known as Silver Holly or Silver Variegated Holly is an eye-catching variety from the family Aquifoliaceae which retains all the benefits of the less colourful varieties of Holly hedging with its dense habit of growth and prickly leaves making an excellent security hedge.

The Holly Silver being a female form of Holly will produce an abundance of insignificant white flowers followed by delightful red berries so loved by birds. Holly Silver Variegated is a broad leaved large shrub or small tree so can be grown as a specimen plant or as an attractive hedge with its creamy edged broad leaves, which have a pink tinge to them when young, and bright berries giving an unusual perspective to the garden design. These are generally grown from seed or hardwood cuttings.

As with all variegated plants ideally siting should be in full sun in well-drained soil but Holly Silver Variegated will tolerate a certain amount of shade and is ideal for planting in coastal sites. Growth as with most varieties of Holly is slow at 20-30cm per year so planning ahead is advisable since depending on the budget available a lot of patience may be required until the ultimate height is reached. Generally speaking a hedge of Ilex Argentea Marginata is suitable for heights of between 90-350cm and so can take several years to grow but the end result is certainly worth it with the magnificent array of colour. Trimming in summer is recommended.

Holly Silver Variegated is supplied in pots in varying sizes and as such may be planted out at any time of year. This can be very convenient since you can plant at your leisure, there is no immediate rush to get them in the ground and a day when the weather is good enough to work outside can be chosen.

Any questions you may have with reference to Ilex Argentea Marginata may be addressed to our team on the phone any one of whom will be only too happy to help.