The Holly Golden Variegated (Ilex x Altaclerensis), also known as the Golden King, is an evergreen hedge that is bushy in shape. Characterised by its deep green leaves with a golden edging and infamous red berries, this hedge is a great addition to any garden or landscape.

Unlike the rest of the Holly family, the golden variegated tends to have less spines and therefore is slightly less prickly. It will flower in spring and summer, with pretty white flowers followed by the bright red berries in the autumn and winter.

It can be planted in any soil, which includes tricky chalk, so long as the soil is moist with good drainage. It can reach heights of up to eight metres, and can grow anywhere from two and half to four metres wide. It can however take between twenty and fifty years to reach its optimal height.

We would strongly recommend planting this hedge in a full sun position so it can flourish to its full potential. It doesn’t matter whether this is a sheltered or exposed spot, as it can grow in either location.

When it comes to trimming your Holly Golden Variegated, we would suggest doing so during the late winter or early spring. This should include removal of any diseased stems, congested or damaged shoots and any stems that are growing in an unwanted direction. Visit our Looking after your New Hedge page for detailed maintenance advice.

Why not have a browse at our range of Holly Golden Variegated plants we have available in pots? For more information on this plant or any of our other hedging plants, contact our specialist team members for more information.