Holly (Ilex) is a sturdy evergreen shrub with spiny foliage. It is an eye catching plant which works as a distinctive hedge, or even as an individual specimen tree or topiary.

There are several varieties either with plain or variegated leaves, which can be complemented by white flowers followed by traditional red berries if there is a mixture of male and female plants. As a plant commonly associated with winter, the leaves and berries can serve numerous uses during the colder months. For example, they make for very interesting decorations around the house. This does not mean that they are only good for the winter however; the white flowers which bloom in the spring and summer mean that Holly hedging plants look good all year round.

Holly hedges are an easy plant to take care of and can be planted in moist well drained soil, regardless of whether its Ph is alkaline or acidic. It requires very little maintenance, just a trim during the summer, and healthy plants can be expected to grow approximately 15-30cms per year. With its distinctive leaves and berries, Holly hedging makes for a welcome sight in most gardens, and one which is wildlife friendly and colourful. As a hedge plant, Holly is attractive but has spiky leaves, making it ideal as a secure border to gardens.

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