Holly Blue Hedging

Hollies are timeless classics that make a large impact on the landscape with very little special care required. Holly provides excellent close knit cover and food for birds and is used as a natural holiday decoration for the home, traditionally at Christmas especially in wreaths.

Ilex Meservae Blue Princess commonly known as Blue Holly was created in the 1950’s by Kathleen Meservae on her windowsill! It is a very popular hardy medium to large evergreen shrub that creates a dense backdrop throughout the year.

It is a hybrid of the Ilex family and is known as one of the best berry producers but it does require a male pollinator. Holly Blue is an extremely good deterrent against intruders with its prickly leaves yet is always an attractive part of any garden. White flowers in spring are followed by a fantastic show of brilliant red berries giving an amazing display against the lustrous bluish green leaf colour along with the very attractive almost violet branches.

This versatile useful shrub can grow up to 3 metres, makes an excellent hedge with all year interest between 90cm and 2 metres. It can grow 50cm per year in the right conditions which are well drained slightly acidic soil in full sun but it will tolerate a fair amount of shade as well. Holly Blue is a very low maintenance plant but if pruning is required it should be done in the summer.

These are plants that are not suited to being transplanted so are only sold by us as a potted plant in various sizes. If we can be of any further help, not just in regards to Holly, please do not hesitate to call our office and we will be more than happy to help.

Potted Hedging

We deliver these plants to you in the pots they are grown in, because there is no root disturbance they can delivered and planted all year round with excellent results.
  • Holly Blue Potted Hedging 5-6ft 150/175cm

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    in 25 litre pots

    Plant(s) per metre: 2

    Minimum order quantity: 1

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Instant Hedging

These are convenient hedging plants are grown in pre-clipped 1 metre long sections to give immediate impact from the moment of planting. Instant hedging plants are available for delivery and planting all year round.
  • Holly Blue Instant Hedging 6-6.5ft 180/200cm

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    100 litre Hedge element

    Plant(s) per metre: 1

    Minimum order quantity: 3

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