Gin Makers Mixed Native Hedging

The Gin Makers Hedgerow – This started out as a fun hedging theme we created for the Garden Press Event in February 2018, inspired by our edible hedgerow mix, it really caught the imagination of many gardening journalists and we won the prize for best stand at the show. Such was the interest after the show that we have added this hedge mixture to our range.

Our boozy hedgerow is practical as well as fun, the mix of plants includes 50% Blackthorn (Sloe) which will knit the hedge together to make a formidable barrier as well as yielding masses of beautiful sloes (not to mention a variety of other fruits and berries) each autumn to flavour your gin with.

Our Gin Makers Hedgerow can be kept at any height from 120cm up to several metres and is suitable for all soil types.

Full details of the species included in our  Gin Makers hedgerow mix and how to flavour your gin may be found at the bottom of the page (we don’t label the individual species), simply plant them in a randomized mixture for a natural look that will quickly become a haven for wildlife. The prices shown for our mixed native hedging is per plant and we sell them in multiples of 25.



Native Hedge Mixes Gin Makers Hedge Mix 2-3ft 60/90cm

  • 1 year old

  • Plant(s) per metre: 3-7
  • Minimum order quantity: 25

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The other 50% of the hedge is drawn from at least five species from the following list, all can be used in various ways to flavour gin and other drinks (see below for a little more detail) 

Elder – Sambucus nigra

Wild Crab Apple – Malus sylvestris

Hazel – Corylus avellana

Myrobalan Plum – Prunus cerasifera

Cherry, Bird – Prunus padus

Amelanchier/Juneberry – Amelanchier lamarckii

Quickthorn (Hawthorn) – Crataegus monogyna

Dog Rose – Rosa canina

Rugosa/Ramanas Rose – Rosa rugosa


Like all new mixed native hedgerows, we would recommend 3 plants per metre for a single row hedge or five per metre for a thicker staggered double row (setting the 2 rows about 40cm apart). For a really thick hedge it is possible to increase the number of plants to 7 per metre

As with any species rich mix, the Gin Makers Hedgerow would be a big draw for wildlife bringing Bees, Butterflies, Birds and much more into your plot. The hedge will also have a lot of interest through the seasons with flowers and colourful fruits, not to mention many colours of Autumn foliage.

To maximise the fruiting potential of the hedge it would be important not to trim it too frequently as much of the blossom/fruit will be on the previous year’s wood. Perhaps trimming just one side each year (after harvest!), the untrimmed side being left to yield next years bounty. Some of the species could be left to develop into attractive small trees within the hedgerow if space permitted, particularly the Crab Apple, Wild Pear, Amelanchier and Myrobalan Plum. As with all our hedgerow mixes you can keep these to any height from 120cm (4 feet) upwards although you may prefer to keep your gin makers hedge closer to 2 metres to allow for better fruiting potential!

Anyone lucky enough to have space could plant these species far more widely (4, 5 or more metres apart) as a small copse or a ‘Gin Orchard’ and let them develop into individual trees and shrubs.

There are 3 main ways of flavouring your Gin

Infusing the Gin with flowers (such as Elderflower), perhaps 15 or 20 flowerheads (with bugs removed!) for a full bottle, ideally collected just as they open together with a little lemon zest and a few tablespoons of sugar left to infuse in a larger jar for about a week. Strain and return to the bottle to enjoy!
Steeping the fruit directly with the Gin and some caster sugar in a larger container such as a kilner jar. This works best for larger fruits such as sloes and cherry plums. You can prick each fruit a few times with a cocktail stick to release the flavour – or take our advice and freeze them, when they thaw again the skins will rupture and you will have saved hours! As a rough guide you will need half the weight of sugar to fruit (So 250g sugar to 500g of fruit, which should be enough for a 1 litre bottle of gin). Seal the container and give it a good shake every couple of days being sure to leave it for at least 2 months, preferably longer before straining, re bottling and enjoying.
For the smaller and harder fruits, berries and hips its probably easier to make a syrup from them to add to your gin (or Vodka, Prosecco etc!) Without going into too much detail as there are many recipes online, the fruit will need roughly chopping in a food processor, covering with water before boiling and reducing, straining and sweetening to taste with sugar or honey. Add to taste to your favourite gin!

Our gin makers hedgerow mix is available as bare root plants from November until mid April or as potted specimens for all year planting, we sell them in multiples of 25 plants. Delivery is free on orders over £100 (excluding VAT).

We strongly recommend using Rootgrow when planting all bare root plants, these are native mycorrhizal fungi that will help your new hedge establish quickly.

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