Hedges with Flowers

Flowering hedges can be evergreen or deciduous and whilst giving definition to a boundary or using as a dividing hedge within the garden they also add vibrant displays of colour throughout the seasons. When making your choice of hedge deciding on which season or seasons the flowers would be shown to best advantage in your garden is probably the first criteria.

Hedging plants such as Blackthorn best known for their abundance of Sloe Berries in early autumn actually produce amazing displays of white blossom akin to a fall of snow settling on the branches in spring bringing early interest to gardens. Larger growing summer flowering hedges such as Escallonia which have red, pink or white flowers subject to the variety chosen or  Cotoneaster Franchetti with its white flowers touched with red and followed by a profusion of orange-red fruits in autumn make an excellent back drop to lower growing smaller flowering hedges such as Potentilla with their pretty orange, pink, yellow or red flowers or Lavenders which come in many shades of blue or purple and are often used to edge pathways and borders both for their flowers and perfume. A very attractive variety of flowering hedge is the Pyracantha also highly recommended as a security hedge this very prickly plant is smothered in white blossom late May and early June followed by masses of berries in autumn.

Flowering hedges are relatively easy to maintain as light clipping of any wayward shoots or branches ensures no loss of flowers or berries which can happen if too heavily clipped. The pollen and nectar produced by flowering hedges are an irresistible draw to birds and bees and create a haven for wildlife. There are many other varieties of flowering hedges on our website and it is just a question of deciding when you would like to see the flowers before making your choice.