Pyracantha Yellow (P Soleil D’or), also known as firethorn is a member of the Rosaceae family and is closely related to Cotoneaster. It is a superbly versatile shrub offering many attributes to any garden especially being very hardy, tolerating demanding conditions and being very easy to grow.

A fast growing large evergreen shrub, with long and very sharp thorns and slightly brighter green leaves than other varieties of Pyracantha, it produces clusters of pretty small white flowers in spring through early summer which are then followed by a vibrant display of large clusters of golden yellow berries in late summer into the autumn.

It makes an excellent intruder deterrent, therefore providing an element of security along with the privacy of a dense evergreen hedge. Wildlife friendly with the flowers and berries it also provides excellent shelter in the winter for birds. Excellent for growing into a hedge, they are also very easy to train against walls making a feature area within the garden.

Pyracantha is a fast growing shrub at approximately 30-60cm per year, suitable for hedges between 120cm – 300cm and is best pruned in late winter. It can be planted in most soil conditions including free draining soil and heavy clay, in full sun or shaded areas. It is worth noting that the berrying may not be so prolific in shady sites. Pyracantha mainly flowers on the previous years shoots so it is best to try and keep as much older wood as possible.

All year round planting is a possibility with the potted sizes we sell, making life easier as planting is then at your convenience subject to availability. We are available to contact in the office should you require any further information and are very happy to try and help.