Pyracantha Hedging

Providing some of the most breath-taking fruits during autumn, Pyracantha or Firethorn hedging is one of the nation’s most loved evergreen plants. Hopes Grove Nurseries currently offer Pyracantha plants that grow vibrant red, yellow and orange fruits during autumn and pure white flowers during spring. The density of the plant allows excellent shelter for wildlife, while simultaneously protecting your property with thick-knit thorns. Contact us to discuss your hedging requirements or buy online today.

Pyracantha, also known as the Firethorn plant, is a part of the Rosaceae family and a native to southeastern countries in Europe as well as Asia. Pyracantha hedges are charastictically very dense and thorny, making it incredibly suitable for providing screening and privacy.

Hopes Grove Nurseries offer Firethorn hedges which are capable of growing angelic white flowers during spring, followed by fruit in a variety of vibrant colours, including fiery red and bright orange. Grown exclusively by our team in the UK, we provide our Pyracanthas in potted form, delivered straight to your doorstep.

As an evergreen hedging plant, you can expect your Firethorn to provide your home or business with privacy all year round. It’s an excellent barrier against noise pollution and can shelter nesting birds, while being a valuable food source. Our stock includes: Pyracantha Red Column (Red), Pyracantha Mohave (Orange) and Pyracantha Soleil D’or (Yellow).
Growth Rate for Firethorn Pyracantha Plants
Pyracantha plants are considered as fast-growing hedges, which means that they have the capability of reaching anywhere up to 300cm tall, providing it grows in optimal conditions. Typically, you can expect it to grow 30cm to 60cm per year, which can be maintained by pruning twice annually, although it’s thorny touch can make this a challenge.
Caring for your Pyracantha Hedge
Firethorn plants can thrive under direct sunlight or in partial shade, although you will be likely to see fewer berries if grown in shadier locations. We recommend growing your hedging in well-drained soil, such as deep loam which keeps the soil from compacting too much, therefore retaining moisture without waterlogging the plants.

The most common pest for Pyracantha plants are the Pyracantha Leaf-Mining Moths (Phyllonorycter leucographella), which cause damage by feeding inside the leaves while in a larvae state. although this causes an oval silvery white shape on the leaf it is not serious and natural predators will normally keep any infestation in check.

Unfortunately, there is no insecticide specifically for leaf-mining moths, although you can use garden pesticides to control other Firethorn pests such as caterpillars, woolly aphids and Brown Scale insects.

For more on caring for your hedge, take a look at our How To Plant A Hedge page. You can also visit our knowledge base for more frequently asked questions.
Pyracantha Hedge Planting Density
For Pyracantha potted hedging, we recommend planting 2-4 plants per metre, depending on the individual height of the plants you purchase, you can find our recommendation next to each size.

If you still aren’t sure, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. Simply get in touch online or on 01580 765600.
Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?
From our humble beginnings in 1992, Hopes Grove Nurseries has expanded into industry specialists in hundreds of species of wonderful hedging plants. With our small but expert team, we painstakingly work in every weather condition to ensure that your plants are cultivated with love and are delivered to you in excellent condition.

As an award-winning company, we want to make sure that our customer service is on the same standard as the quality of our products, which is why we adapt our service according to your feedback.

If you would like more information about Pyracantha Hedging or need help with maintaining your plant, contact us.