Pyracantha Orange (Mohave) comes from the family Rosaceae and is a large very thorny evergreen shrub ideal for security hedging. It is native to the regions stretching from southeast Asia through to southwest Europe and can also go by the name Firethorn.

A relatively recent addition to the Pyracantha family, it was developed in the 1960’s and released in 1970 as a cultivar highly resistant to scab and fireblight. One commentator alludes to Pyracantha Orange (Mohave) as a plant with attitude as it can fulfil several purposes around the garden whilst looking attractive.

The security function as mentioned before as well as being evergreen would suit a lot of garden designs as people these days are looking for more privacy, then later in the year after the mass of white flowers has faded having given bees and other insects plenty to feast upon, the bright orange berries appear to give magnificent colour and a feast for the birds through the winter months. If not a full hedge then as an individual shrub Pyracantha Orange (Mohave) can hide an ugly patch on a wall growing as an espalier or just as an individual shrub.

A moderate to fast growing hardy shrub Pyracantha Orange (Mohave) is normally spaced at 3-4 plants per metre and can put on between 30-60cm per year being suitable for growing as a hedge from 120-300cm in height. It will grow well in most soils and is shade tolerant although the berries will show best in full sun. Generally, it should be trimmed in late winter.

We supply Pyracantha Orange (Mohave) as a pot grown plant so it should be available all year round for planting at your convenience, it may require staking initially until it has thickened enough in growth to support itself.

We will be happy to answer any questions with reference to Pyracantha Orange (Mohave) or any other varieties of Pyracantha, so please just ring one of our team who will be happy to assist.