Plants for Very Shady Sites

Dense and often dry shade can be one of the most challenging situations in which to establish new plants and hedging. Take a look at our list of tough shade tolerant plants that will grow in these situations.

Hedges For Dense Shade – Shady areas, often under the canopy of other much larger plants may also be particularly dry and are often considered difficult areas in which to have colour and interest with shrubs, hedges and ground cover plants.

There are in fact many hedges for dense shade that will tolerate, or even thrive in these conditions. All of the plants below are suitable but do remember that even the most drought resistant species will need regular watering during the early stages to get established. Dry shade areas that are sheltered by walls miss out on natural rainfall whilst areas shaded by mature trees with shallow roots are constantly having any rainfall or naturel moisture absorbed by the root system of the established trees.

Most hedges for dense shade will grow more slowly in these harsher conditions, growth rates given on our website are based on a ‘good average’, in dense shade they may only grow half as fast, or even slower. With patience and given sufficient watering and mulching to get the new hedge started, good results can be achieved.

However many plants can cope with these conditions in fact will often thrive if a little forward planning is applied. Ground preparation will help new shade loving plants get established quickly adding copious quantities of well rotted manure or compost digging well into the existing soil will help as will a good layer of mulch around your plants after planting.

Adding Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi when planting can be a very helpful aid to establishment, particularly in harsh conditions.

The most popular hedges for dense shade include all of our Berberis hedging varieties, Box, Cotoneaster Hedges and Euonymus which is available in a variety of types for shade hedges of differing sizes.

Many of our best selling evergreens are suitable including all varieties of Laurels (except the Bay Laurel), Lonicera and Vibunum tinus, a super plant for brightening dark corners producing white flowerheads during the winter months.

Our sales team are always available to answer any questions you may have about hedges for dense shade, or any of our other hedge plants, please do call our office on 01580 765600.