The Euonymus Japonicus Marieke is beautiful evergreen hedge similar to the variety Bravo but with a brighter margin to the leaves, bringing to a garden or landscape a variegated foliage with a golden edging, surrounding the luscious green middle of the leaf. It’s a great hedge to include in any garden, as it brings something different and is pleasing to the eye. It’s also ever so easy to look after, and provides you with an excellent privacy hedge all year round.

It does well being planted in either partial shade or full shade, but to brighten up a shady corner you can’t beat popping one of these hedges there to enjoy year round. It survives well in all types of soil including, chalk, loam, sand and clay, apart from soil that holds onto water. It also thrives in sheltered and non-sheltered sites, such as coastal and windy areas. It can reach heights between two and a half and four metres high, and a width of one and a half to two and half metres. They respond well to yearly pruning as it is a well-mannered hedge, particularly if you would rather keep the size of the Euonymus Japonicus Marieke hedge to a moderate level.

We have a range of Euonymus Japonicus Marieke plants available in pot form for planting year round. For any more information on this plant or any of our other hedging plants, please call our office and we will be happy to help.