Euonymus Hedging

Euonymus Hedge plants are easily maintained evergreens with year-round appeal, and with over 130 total species available, there’s bound to be a Euonymus hedging species to suit your garden. Here at Hopes Grove Nurseries, we grow smaller gold euonymus hedges and silver euonymus hedging varieties, through to larger Euonymus Japonicus, Euonymus Japnicus Bravo, Euonymus Japonicus Green Spire and Euonymus Japonica Marieke,  all of which make great hedging plants. Buy online below, or get in touch to talk to our hedge-loving team.

Euonymus is a pretty, versatile little evergreen hedge often available as either a deciduous, evergreen shrub or small tree. Euonymus plants tend to boast insignificant flowers and colourful fruits if left untrimmed. One of its distinctive traits are the colourful evergreen leaves of many varieties leaves.

Euonymus hedges are great for those looking for low maintenance plants for their garden. Their naturally structured and oriental appearance makes them extremely popular as natural borders for pathways and garden edges when trimmed regularly, but they also can make stunning hedges when left to grow. As an evergreen hedge, you’ll experience lush greenery and structure in your space all year round.

This shrub has a naturally spreading habit, making it a great choice for wall-side planting locations, hedging and screens and informal garden styles. Its tolerance of dense shade also makes it a great choice as a ground cover plant, although it can also make a very neat and easily maintained hedge.

All of the Euonymus hedging plants come from our family-run nursery in Kent. We make sure that they are all well looked after before they are dispatched to you, so you can feel confident that they will be in the best condition possible by the time they arrive – ready to be planted in your garden.

We stock a range of Euonymus hedging plants throughout the year including Euonymus Fortuneii, Euonymus Japonicus, Euonymus Japonicus Bravo, Euonymus Japonicus Marieke, and Euonymus Fortuneii Emerald Gaiety.
How to Plant Euonymus Hedging
Euonymus hedging is an extremely hardy plant, making it easy to grow compared to many other hedging varieties. Euonymus hedge plants thrive in a wide range of environments, but its flowers do particularly well in full sun. However, having said that they also succeed in areas of shade and partial shade, too, as well as areas of both dry and moist soil.

Maintenance is also extremely straightforward. We’d recommend trimming as required during the growing season). Their moderate/slow growth rate of approximately means that frequent trimming is not always required, but most varieties grow extremely dense and are suitable for a number of purposes.

Watering is recommended during extremely dry months and drought periods, but Euonymus hedging tends to look after itself. This is great news for gardeners searching for an easy and effective touch of colour to their garden.
Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?
From our local family-run nursery based in the UK’s Garden of England, we’ve grown over half a million hedging varieties for the past 30 years. Kent’s green landscape is the ideal location to grow our wide range of hedging varieties such as Hornbeam hedges, Leylandii hedges, Laurel hedge plants, Box hedging and more.

Our plants are lovingly cultivated throughout our 80-acre nursery to the highest quality, grown to ensure the maximum chances of planting success wherever you’re located. Our plants are amongst the freshest, highest quality plants available grown exclusively by us, so you can rest assured your plants will fit right in their new home. It’s no wonder our customers return to us for their hedging needs season after season. Take a look at our Feefo reviews to learn more about what our customers think.

Here at Hopes Grove Nurseries, we do more than just grow and deliver plants. Through our decades of experience, we’ve developed in-depth, extensive knowledge of hundreds of varieties and how to grow them successfully. We enjoy sharing this knowledge with our customers and are more than happy to assist you. You can take a look at our Knowledge base with exclusive insights and planting tips, or you can simply give us a call for any unique questions you may have.

Each and every team member has had first-hand experience in our nursery, so they are well-equipped in answering your queries. If you’d like to learn more about our Euonymus hedge plants before you buy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.