The Euonymus Japonicus has large, glossy, dark green leaves that are oval in shape, and can produce flowers that are sometimes followed by pink berries. It isn’t picky about where it is planted as it resides well in either full sunlight, partial shade or even full shade. This hedge suits most soil too, including sand, loam, clay and chalk, just make sure it is moist but well drained.

It can reach heights between two to six and a half feet tall, but has a much smaller width – which is usually up to around one and a half feet. They can take anywhere between two and five years to reach their ultimate height. It is best to prune the Euonymus Japonicus during mid to late spring, so its young shoots can flourish into their renowned bushy structure during the warmer summer months. This type of hedging suits areas that are used for screening, courtyard gardens and even coastal gardens too, as they are low maintenance. This means they are easy to look after, especially once it is established. We would recommend planting these hedges twelve inches apart so they can form a tidy, neat, privacy hedge for your garden We have a range of Euonymus Japonicus plants available in pot form.

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