Lonicera Hedging

An aesthetically pleasing choice for hedging, Lonicera is popularly referred to as a member of the honeysuckle family. An ideal alternative to  box hedging, many species of Lonicera hedges are completely pest and disease free. With this type of evergreen plant, you are guaranteed hedging that looks luscious and attractive all year round.

Take a look below for further information on how to plant and care for your Lonicera hedging.

A member of the Caprifoliaceae family, honeysuckle hedges are available in twining vine or dense shrub forms. Many species sport fabulous colours which when combined with its fragrance, makes a hedge that is a true must-have for any gardening enthusiast. With ‘Baggesen’s Gold’ producing vivid yellow and gold leaves throughout the year and the Lonicera ‘Maigrun’s characteristic pale/shiny green leaves, you are likely to find a plant for whatever your purpose.

Ideal for planting in either sheltered or exposed locations, Lonicera is generally unfussy when it comes to soil acidity levels, thriving in everything from an alkaline to acidic nature.

We currently offer several varieties of Lonicera, including:

Lonicera Nitida ‘Baggesen’s Gold’

Also referred to as Lonicera ligustrina var. yunnanensis, the Lonicera ‘Baggesen’s Gold’ is a part of the Caprifoliaceae family and is capable of growing into a small and neat evergreen hedge.. Ideal for cultivation in even the most  severe of UK winters, this evergreen plant produces wonderful berries during the summer and autumn.

Lonicera Nitida ‘Elegant’

An incredibly dense, bushy evergreen hedge with hoards of small and shapely leaves, the Lonicera ‘Elegant’ produces creamy, pure flowers during springtime. During the fruiting season, the hedge forms a sparse range of purple-blue berries.

Lonicera Nitida 

Another bushy, dense hedge, Lonicera nitida is an ideal choice for gardeners who prefer an evergreen plant with a fast growth rate. Also referred to as Shrubby Honeysuckle, Wilson’s Honeysuckle or Box Honeysuckle, nitida can be trimmed into various eye-catching shapes as a disease resistant substitute to Box hedging plants.

Lonicera Nitida ‘Maigrun’

Producing wonderfully fragrant flowers during spring, the Lonicera ‘may green’ is another example of a fabulous variety of the honeysuckle family. From the growth of tiny snowdrop white flowers in early spring to summer, the hedge produces a smattering of attractive purple-black berries during the autumn months.
Growth Rate for Honeysuckle Hedges
Depending on which Lonicera species you decide to purchase, the growth rate can differ. ‘Baggesen’s Gold’ and other nitida hedges are all relatively fast-growing and can be expected to grow an estimated 20-40cm annually. The green Lonicera nitida varieties can grow to 2 metres while ‘Baggessens Gold’ tends to be smaller at 120cm. Lonicera pileata ‘Maigrun’ is a lower growing and spreading variety suited to small hedges or effective ground cover.

If you are looking for a smaller, tidier hedge, you may want to consider clipping your hedge between the spring and autumn months.
Care for your Lonicera Hedging
Most of the varieties of Lonicera we offer require pruning after the flowering season to maintain the size of the plant and its bushy nature. This is primarily encouraged to routinely remove dead, damaged or diseased growth as well as to take out weak shoots so that the plant may use concentrate its energy on the production of strong new shoots.

Preferring to grow in a fully sunny spot or under partial shade, Lonicera thrives in most types of soil, including sand, loam, clay and chalk. It is recommended to keep them in a generally moist but well-drained atmosphere to allow for optimal growth.

Unlike many other popular hedging varieties, Lonicera plants are generally disease and pest free which make them an ideal choice for gardeners who prefer a plant that requires low-maintenance.

If you require more help with hedge maintenance or encounter any issues after planting, contact our team for further advice.
Honeysuckle Hedge Planting Density
With each variety of Lonicera hedge, we offer plants in various forms, including bare root and potted versions. This allows for flexibility in application, whether you are looking to plant honeysuckle hedges to border your back garden or for other decorative purposes.

For our smaller 2 litre pots,  we recommend planting 3-4 potted or bare root hedges per metre, while with litre pots of 5l or more,  planting 2-3 plants allows for optimal growth.

Are you a gardening beginner? Take a look at our page on How To Plant A Hedge for general advice on hedge planting.
Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?
We at Hopes Grove Nurseries are specialist providers of hedging plants for the UK, with fast and reliable delivery services available nationwide. Our plants are grown with care and dedication year round to ensure that you receive only premium quality hedges for your landscaping.

Our team of specialists source out species of plants that are ideal for a variety of purposes and locations, whether you live in a coastal region or have a garden that lies primarily in shade. Established in 1992, between us we have decades of experience in all areas of hedge growth and nurturing. Hopes Grove are proud to stock hedge varieties in potted, bare root and rootball options, ready to be planted upon arrival.

If you are interested in purchasing our beautiful Lonicera hedges, why not contact our team to hear more about the species we stock?