Lonicera Nitida (Hedging Honeysuckle) is a medium sized, reasonably fast growing, hardy, compact evergreen shrub. It makes a very neat, if kept trimmed, dense formal hedge from 45cm up to as much as 200cm. Being the density it is aids in the assets often required in a hedge of privacy and noise reduction. The tight knit tiny dark green leaves are produced on quite supple twiggy growth, allowing the plant to respond well to being trained when young, for intricate and elaborate topiary shapes.

As well as being used for tightly clipped hedges and topiary, it is often used in bonsai work. It grows at a much faster rate than box hedging or yew hedges and makes a decent alternative to box, especially as it is not vulnerable to the perils of box blight. Lonicera Nitida also known as Boxleaf honeysuckle, is native to China and is part of the Caprifoliaceae family.

Being tolerant of salt winds makes Lonicera Nitida an ideal plant for coastal areas but it will thrive on most well drained soils in sun or shade making it a most versatile shrub. Growing at around 30cm per year it does benefit from regular pruning for shape retention, ideally in either the spring or autumn.

Sold by us as a potted plant, it has the benefit of convenience to our customers as planting can be carried out whenever is convenient to you, dependant on availability. Please do contact our office if you require any further information.