Coming from the genus Symphoricarpos the full latin name is Symphoricarpos x doorenbosii ‘Mother of Pearl’ this sturdy little plant can be used for low hedging or a splash of winter colour in beds or borders.

Snowberry Mother of Pearl is an eye catching and particularly lovely small compact deciduous shrub with beautiful pink berries which appear later in the autumn through into winter than most other flowering or berrying shrubs. The oval dark green leaves of this tough and hardy little shrub set off the not too flamboyant pink/white flowers which when they appear in summer encourage bees and pollinators.

An easily grown and delightful addition to beds and borders it will thrive in any fertile moist but well drained soil including clay and chalk. Adding to its many plus side features it will also tolerate both full sun and partial shade in exposed and or sheltered sites. This versatile small growing shrub will stay neat and tidy with little or no pruning.

Sold as bare root plants from November until end of March when they are dormant this is the most economical way to purchase these plants. Bare root plants can be kept in a frost free environment such as a shed or garage for a day or two if weather prevents planting but good ground preparation ahead of the plants arriving will ensure there is no time lost in getting them into the ground as soon as the plants arrive.

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