A great way to get your new hedging and trees off to a flying start, Rootgrow is a preparation of native mycorrhizal fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with your new trees. Application is easy, pot grown and rootball plants simply add to the planting hole so as to be in direct contact with the roots.

The gel pack available on all sizes except 150g can be mixed with water and used as a root dip for bare root plants. Full instructions are on the back of each pack.

Key benefits of planting with Rootgrow

Rootgrow enhances a plant root system so a newly planted plant:

Finds more food
Finds more water
Needs less fertiliser
Establishes quicker and reduces failure rates
Has increased tolerance to drought and adverse soil conditions

These fungi are completely natural and organic and native to UK soils and this is the first such product to be recommended by the RHS. Rootgrow will benefit all plants except Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Heathers, Brassicas, Cranberries and Blueberries.