All plants require the assistance of a fertiliser to enable and enhance healthy growth, by the addition of fertilisers the gardener reduces the plants dependency on extracting the nutrients from the soil through absorption of water. These fertilisers may be applied at the time of planting or throughout the growing season for established plants.

There are fertilisers to suit all different types of plant, some available as powder or granular feed, others such as Empathy All-purpose Seaweed Bio-Stimulant as a concentrated liquid feed with its excellent source of Magnesium and is particularly perfect for Box hedging and topiary although it is eminently suitable for other plants.

It is a useful professional grade seaweed fertiliser with bio-stimulants manufactured from sustainably harvested kelp, further enhanced by using a unique cell burst process and supplied in a ready to use liquid concentrate for speedy absorption by all types of plants. The natural hormones in the fertiliser are taken up by plants and will promote stronger growth of roots and shoots while encouraging beneficial bacteria, soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi on plant roots.

Empathy All-purpose Seaweed fertiliser is simply diluted in a large watering can and then may be applied to the soil or directly to the foliage. For larger areas if using as a foliar spray it may be diluted into a larger spray bottle with a wand application. Empathy All-purpose Seaweed fertiliser will benefit all newly planted hedges promoting good sturdy growth and a rich healthy dark green colour.