A great fertiliser for both new and established evergreen hedging and other garden plants. After Plant Evergreen Bio-active is a fertiliser with Rootgrow, nitrogen fixing bacteria and seaweed, it is ideal for complementing Rootgrow used at the time of planting. It should be noted that it shouldn’t be used as a substitute to Rootgrow but as an excellent follow-on treatment.

After Plant Evergreen Bio-active fertiliser will promote the establishment of a healthy secondary root system increasing the efficiency of nutrients and water transportation and will keep the foliage looking lush, healthy and fresh throughout the year of all types of evergreen. Empathy After Plant will also aid in restoring the natural fertilising process usually created by dropped leaves and fruit decomposing in natural habitat, reduced in the garden environment.

Apply either in spring at the first sign of growth, throughout the summer as required or in autumn as a top dress. Lightly work into the soil around the base of your plants incorporating it gently into the top few centimetres and then water it in well if the weather is dry. Apply at a rate of 25g (roughly a small handful) per metre of hedge or for general garden use, 25g per square metre of bed.

After Plant Evergreen is also a great product for freshening up tired evergreens in containers, especially topiary plants using the same rate per square metre of pot surface as guide, ideally with the addition of some fresh compost, in place of the top few centimetres in the pot, and well-watered in.