In the 19th century, wholesale production and overseas trade in Bone Meal was seen as most important for agricultural production and development in Europe. As a mixture of fine and coarsely ground animal bones and waste products which have been steamed and then dried before being ground into a fine powder, it is 100% a natural organic fertiliser and is the only fertiliser we recommend for planting new trees, shrubs and hedges.

It is slow release and stimulates strong healthy root growth to help establish sturdy new hedges and trees and this mostly comes from the calcium contained in Bone Meal assisting in the production of vigorous and healthy cells. In addition to this it enables plants to store and transfer energy for developing flowers and fruit.

When planting you simply mix a small sparing handful with the back-filling soil when planting, but slightly less for small closely spaced plants such as Box and Lavender. If applying as a top dressing after the plants are in then it should be well incorporated into the soil with a rake or garden fork and watered well in so that as little as possible is left on the surface soil to attract dogs, foxes or badgers or any other animal that may sniff it out.

As a rough guide 1kg of Bone Meal is sufficient for 15 metres of planting which is a good plan to follow as over application can be as detrimental to plants as not enough fertiliser.