Berberis Thunbergii ‘Rose Glow’ is a particularly colourful and decorative variety of deciduous barberry. The small rounded purple leaves are splashed and marked with striking combinations of bright rose-pink and silvery-cream, most prominent on the younger growths.

They are bushy shrubs growing to a maximum of 150cm and are very prickly making them ideal for security hedges and plantings to deter unwanted visitors, particularly on the boundary of your property. Being a colourful plant with almost all year interest they are often used in beds and borders where the colourful foliage will contrast with or complement many other plants.

Varieties of Berberis Thunbergii are popular plants with gardeners for having very fine autumn colours and ‘Rose Glow’ is no exception. Their mature leaves turn to purple and then brilliant red before falling in late autumn. Rose Glow produces small yellowish flowers in late spring which develop into colourful shiny ‘barberries’ that turn bright red in autumn. They  are most prominent when they are retained on the plant after the leaves have fallen.

Berberis Thunbergii Rose Glow hedges are easy plants to grow in any soil that is not waterlogged, they are a good, tough low maintenance shrub for poorer soils and grow best in full sun or partial shade. Berberis Rose Glow will grow at 20-30cm per year and can be trimmed or pruned in late summer to shape your hedge or shrub, in either case the trimming will improve/maintain the leaf colouration the following year.

The planting density for a Berberis hedge is very much a matter of personal preference and budget, as a guide however, we’d recommend 2-3 plants per metre depending on the plant size.

Our Berberis hedge plants are grown here on the nursery, selected fresh from our growing beds each day, and despatched to you within a day or two of your order being placed.

We also have the green and purple leaved varieties of Berberis Thunbergii, as well as the dwarf purple version often used as a colourful and alternative small hedge. Berberis Superba is another purple leaf Berberis variety with a particularly rich colouring. Take a look at our Berberis page for the full selection of plants including the evergreen Berberis Darwinii and Berberis x Stenophylla.

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