Escallonia hedging plants are a popular option for those looking for a vibrant hedge variety for their garden. As an evergreen shrub, Escallonia boasts glossy leaves with a dark green colour, which perfectly offsets the hoards of bright flowers which adorn the branches during the summer months – typically from around June to October.

This hardy shrub is suited to a variety of soils, although it is not particularly shade tolerant, making it well suited to sunnier positions. Escallonia can thrive in coastal locations, although it is best to avoid cold areas of your garden if you want to get the best from your new hedging shrub. One of the many positives of Escallonia shrubs is their relatively speedy growing rate, as well as the numerous varieties that are available – meaning you are sure to find a variety that suits your tastes.

When you buy Escallonia hedging plants from us they will be sent from our family-run nursery in Kent, where they have been being well cared for for the duration of their live. This love and care we put into them means that they will flourish when they are planted in their new forever home – whether that’s in your home or as part of a larger landscaping project.

You can find the range of Escallonia plants we currently offer below. If you have any questions or need some advice then get in contact with one of our specialists on 01580 765600, or opt for a different way to get in touch here.