White Escallonia (Escallonia iveyi) is a  gorgeous larger leafed variety of Escallonia that has dense, glossy green foliage, where large clusters of scented white flowers emerge during the summer months (June to October). This is a strong and robust variety with quite upright growth, a worthy back of border shrub or flowering hedge.

As an evergreen hedge, Escallonia iveyi adds depth to your garden all year round. As well as White Escallonia we also offer Red Escallonia and Pink Escallonia hedges, so you’re bound to find the right shade to best suit your outdoor space. They’re an extremely popular type of hedging plant, adding colour, texture and texture to all gardens making it a great planting addition.

Escallonia hedges have a variety of uses. They make great privacy hedges, and being so dense they are great at reducing noise pollution, so perfect for urban areas too. Although the White Escallonia looks great on its own, it can be combined with other species for added interest. Mixing with other colours of Escallonia or some other kind of mixed hedging would be perfect.
How to Care for Escallonia Iveyi Hedging
The growth rate of White Escallonia hedges are slower compared to other species of hedge, growing around 20-40cm per year. However, they’ll grow up to a height of 120-250cm, so make a great mid-level or high hedge if you’re looking for a colourful hedge to add a variety of heights to your space.

In terms of planting, White Escallonia hedges are suited to most planting conditions, including normal, chalky and clay soils. They grow best in sunnier areas, but also grow well in partially shaded sites, windy areas and coastal planting sites. This makes the plant easy to establish and highly successful in most areas of the UK. Given their versatility, these plants are available all year round.

That being said, shaded areas and cold positions are unsuitable for White Escallonia (Escallonia iveyi).

Escallonia iveyi only requires pruning once a year given its slow growth. We’d recommend pruning in the early spring before the flowers emerge, otherwise, these will not appear that year.  Plenty of watering will leave your hedges lush and growing beautifully.
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