Choisya (Mexican Orange Blossom) is a bushy evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves and clusters of fragrant flowers. The white scented blooms can be seen to flourish in the late spring and autumn as well as sporadically into the winter; the perfect complement to its vibrant leaves. This makes it a visually-pleasing addition to your garden throughout the entire year.

Choisya hedging requires a shielded spot with both partial and full sun. Choisya hedges take to most types of fertile soil, and is quite fast-growing. You can expect this type of hedging to grow up to 1.5 – 2.5m (5ft – 8ft) in length and width. For best results, prune in the spring to create a flowering burst in the summer and early autumn.

These Choisya plants are well suited to low maintenance, city and courtyard type gardens, as well as drought-resistant borders and other wall side locations, amongst others. For optimum results, it is recommended that you grow them in well-drained soil, although they can thrive in containers and open ground, as well as for low hedging solutions. All of the hedging plants that come from our family-run nursery in Kent have been carefully looked after, to ensure that they will flourish when you come to planting them in your home or landscaping project.

Below you can find the range of Choisya shrubs that we have available at this time. If you require any further information give one our of specialist team members a call on 01580 765600, or drop us an email.