Choisyas, members of the Rutaceae family are habitually called Mexican Orange hedges and are native to southern North America. This variety, Choisya Sundance grows into a medium sized dome shaped shrub up to a size of 2.5m but can be kept at a lesser size if so wished.

The vibrant colour of the bright golden yellow new foliage over the slightly darker glossy evergreen foliage gives excellent interest when not in flower. The aromatic leaves are said to have the most distinctive aroma when crushed, similar to that of basil. An abundance of small white highly fragrant star shaped flowers are produced in late spring which can often last for several weeks, and it will occasionally flower again in Autumn.

Choisya Sundance plants are easily grown, and requires very little maintenance. The most productive site for this shrub is in a sheltered position in full sun. It is impressive as a stand alone shrub but is also excellent in the middle or back of a border. Choisya Sundance grows at a fairly good rate attaining its ultimate height in around 10 to 20 years. Pruning should be carried out in summer as soon as flowering has ceased.

Purchase of Choisya Sundance is as a potted plant and can therefore be planted throughout the year. On delivery, being potted it is not essential to plant them immediately, simply keep them watered until your beds are ready.

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