The Choisya Ternata (also known as the Mexican Orange Blossom), is a rounded, bushy shrub that is evergreen. It has beautifully scented, dark green leaves, and clusters of fragrant white flowers that bloom in the spring and summer.

It makes for a great medium size hedging plant to accompany any garden. Thanks to its wonderful fragrance, the Choisya Ternata works perfectly as a patio hedge or residing by a door so you can enjoy its perfect scent. It loves well drained soil, but can be planted in any soil, including chalk and sand, although it loves to be in a full sun position. It doesn’t do as well in a shaded spot, preferring to reside in a sheltered spot rather than an exposed site. This hedge is perfect for borders that are wall side and drought resistant, or for city and courtyard gardens.

Choisya Ternata hedges can grow between one and half to two and a half metres high and the same again in width. On average it will grow thirty centimetres a year, but to reach its ultimate height it can take anywhere between ten and twenty years.

To prune your Choisya Ternata hedging and keep it in the shape you desire, we would recommend pruning it once it has finished flowering; normally towards the latter part of the spring. Pruning once a year will be enough to keep this hedge healthy, and at its best.

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