Osmanthus Burkwoodii is part of the Oleaceae family. It is a large evergreen plant with a slow-growing compact habit, suitable to use as a free-standing shrub or planted as a hedge. The masses of tiny sumptuously fragrant white flowers are produced in spring providing a rich scent, which at times appears to fill the whole garden.  Due to its intense fragrance, it is an ideal hedge to plant close to an entranceway, on the patio or along a pathway to welcome guests as they pass.

The small very fragrant flowers, often said to be scented like Jasmine, are set off beautifully against the small dark green and glossy leaves, making it an excellent addition to any garden. It is also extremely well suited to topiary, making focal points in any garden schemes or at entrances.

How to Plant Osmanthus Burkwoodii Hedges

Osmanthus Burkwoodii hedges are extremely hardy and perform well in a variety of conditions including well-drained chalky, sandy, clay or loam soil types. It is also important to note that the plant is not suited to cold or exposed planting sites so is therefore better-suited to more sheltered spots either in full sun or partial shade.

Known for its slow growth, Osmanthus Burkwoodii hedges grow around 15cm per year and therefore require little maintenance and pruning. In order to maximise its growth, you must provide the best possible conditions all year round. Many use Osmanthus Burkwoodii hedges as an alternative to box hedging.

We recommend trimming your hedging after flowering, which will then increase the number of flowers (and a stronger smell) the following year. Osmanthus Burkwoodii hedges can reach an ultimate height of approximately 4 metres in time if left. It is suitable for trimmed hedges of 90-200cm in height.

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