This is a more compact variety of shrubby cinquefoil or using its more common name Potentilla Red Joker. Coming originally from countries in Asia Japan, Russia and others this tidy little shrub does well in British gardens.

A great little shrub Potentilla Red Joker produces stunning bright red flowers with an eye catching yellow centre all summer long. The vibrant red flowers are best with a little shade as strong sunlight can fade the blooms down from crimson red to orange. The soft green leaves give the saucer shaped flowers a perfect backdrop. Dropping their leaves in winter they will rejuvenate the following spring with fresh new growth.

 If planted at 3-5 plants per metre Potentilla Red Joker will make an excellent low hedge of approximately 60cm in height or if looking to carpet a light shaded area with vibrant colour then plant 4-6 plants per square metre.  A very low maintenance shrub it is rarely affected by disease or pests and a light trim in spring will help keep its shape.

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