Potentilla Orange Flowers Hedging

Potentilla Sunset also known as Shrubby cinquefoil comes from the Rosaceae family. Originating in most countries of the northern Hemisphere such as China, Russia Japan and others. This vibrant and colourful small shrub has many admirable qualities, not least being its long flowering period.

A bushy deciduous hardy little shrub, Potentilla sunset tolerates low temperatures and is easy to grow in any reasonable soil. The flowers benefit from a light shade as strong sunlight will diminish the colour of the blooms. The stunning deep orange flowers make an eye catching addition to any border or indeed as a low informal more relaxed hedge.

This popular garden plant if planted at 3-5 plants per metre will make an excellent low hedge of 20 – 30 inches in height, or 4-6 plants per square metre can be used as ground cover. Trimming in autumn will help keep its shape although occasional clipping can be done to remove any wayward stems. These long lasting shrubs are low maintenance but if trimming has been neglected they can cope with some hard pruning.

Potentilla Sunset are sold as bare root from November through until March. Bare root hedges makes for a very budget friendly purchase for the garden. They benefit hugely if planted as soon as possible after delivery, and pre prepping the planting area makes this easier to do.

Should you require additional advice about Potentilla Sunset whether it is about the planting or aftercare, then please do not hesitate to contact our team who are only too happy to help.

Potted Hedging

We deliver these plants to you in the pots they are grown in, because there is no root disturbance they can delivered and planted all year round with excellent results.
  • Potentilla Orange Flowers Potted Hedging 10/16in 25/40cm

    Potentilla Orange Flowers Potted Hedging 10/16in 25/40cm

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    in 2 litre pots

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Bare Root Hedging

These are field grown plants, lifted during the dormant season (normally November-April) and delivered ready for planting without any soil on the roots. The most cost-effective way to plant a new hedge.
  • Potentilla Orange Flowers Bare Root Hedging 12/20in 30/50cm

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    2 year old

    Plant(s) per metre: 3

    Minimum order quantity: 3

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