Lavender Provence Blue, L. x intermedia Provence Blue, is a variety of Lavender believed to have originated from Canada. This hybrid is a robust Lavender of small to medium size with upright growth. The new green growth ages to grey green and is complimented with heavily fragrant deep blue flowers on tall spikes throughout summer.

Lavender Provence Blue tolerates our damp English climate better than many but, like most Lavenders, it appreciates and thrives best in an open sunny well drained location.

A lovely plant to use in the garden, often used as an edging along pathways giving off a delightful aroma when brushing past it, in pots on patio areas or within a flower bed. It is a very attractive and useful plant for bees and butterflies. It is planted extensively in the Lavender fields of southern France for oil and flower production, the flowers are dried for potpourri or sachets of fresh flowers can be made.

Lavender is not a fast growing plant and the best time to prune Lavender Provence Blue, L. x intermedia Provence Blue, which grows up to 70cm, is after flowering in late summer, cutting back into the leafy stems above the hard wood. It is not advised to prune lavender in late autumn or during the winter months.

We supply Lavender potted for all year round planting and therefore can be planted whenever is convenient to you. If there is any other information you would like to know please do not hesitate to call us.