Lavender French Hedging

Lavender French or Lavendula stoechas is a species of the Lamiaceae family. It can be found in almost all Mediterranean countries with warmer temperatures.

French Lavender are evergreen and are highly fragrant making it a favourite for use in household items such as air freshers and garden products such as insecticides. They are also a favourite for use in aromatherapy oils.

Lavender French prefers and benefits from being planted in a sheltered sunny spot in free draining soil as they are not fully hardy and cannot cope with windy exposed sites. An excellent choice for using in pots which can be moved to accommodate the best site through the different seasons. They are reasonably resistant to pests and diseases and if regularly deadheaded will provide their scented blooms throughout the summer. They are perfect for low hedges or edging a border or pathways. They also provide a swathe of colour if used to infill parterres or rose beds. They will grow to a height of 2ft and we recommend planting at 15 inches apart.

We have Lavender available in pots throughout the year, which allows for planting at any time of year subject to weather conditions, which if unfavourable when the plants arrive, is not a problem as they can be kept in their pots for some time before planted into the ground or bigger pots.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Lavender French, then please feel free to get in touch with one of our wonderful team members.

Potted Hedging

We deliver these plants to you in the pots they are grown in, because there is no root disturbance they can delivered and planted all year round with excellent results.
  • Lavender French Potted Hedging 3/5in 8/12cm

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