Perovskia Blue Spire (commonly known as Russian Sage), is a small deciduous strongly aromatic perennial herbaceous shrub. Originating from the rocky and wide open spaces of the Himalayas and Afghanistan, it was introduced by the Russian count it is named after, to western gardens around 100 years ago.

Perovskia is a shrub that grows annually from its woody base, producing silver grey stems up to 120cm tall adorned in small deeply cut grey green leaves. The strong aromatic leaves have a sage like scent when brushed along or when crushed, making it excellent when planted alongside pathways. Tiny violet blue flower spikes are produced at the top of the stems in late summer and autumn.

With its height, this gives a stunning bluish mist wavering in the breeze amongst or behind plants in a border, bringing a lovely dimension with its colour and aroma to any garden later in the year. It is perfect for pollinators and therefore attracts bees, butterflies and other insects. A low maintenance hardy drought tolerant plant, it can thrive in most well drained soils if planted in full sun.

Pruning is an important part of making this plant a success in your garden. They should be pruned back to a couple of inches tall just above ground level as they start to leaf up, which would normally be in the middle of April or early May to create a bushier more upright plant.

We sell Perovskia Blue Spire as potted plants, enabling planting throughout the year to suit when you are ready to plant, subject to availability. Please do call the office where we are happy to help with any further questions you have.