This hardy evergreen shrub which can also be grown as a small tree grows in profusion in New Zealand it is one of a large number of plants from the Asteraceae family. With common names of Mountain Holly or New Zealand Holly one would think they had a close relationship with the Common Holly but they don’t the link derives more from the shape of the leaf.

Olearia Macrodonta hedging is a tough easily grown plant with masses of perfumed creamy white daisy like flowers which appear during the summer months. The holly type leaves are vigorous sage green in colour with a silvery underside.

The Daisy Bush Plearia Macrodonta hedge is an excellent choice for planting in exposed coastal regions, they will also thrive in well drained soil and are drought resistant. This very versatile plant will also cope and indeed will thrive in chalky sites. The Daisy bush will grow at 30-50cm per year and if left untrimmed can grow to a height and width of 4 metres. Trimming should take place in spring.

Olearia macrodonta hedges are sold in pots which allows planting to take place 12 months of the year as there is almost no root disturbance to a pot plant. Should the weather be inclement when the plants arrive then just put them to one side keep a careful eye on the watering and plant when more suitable.

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