Rosa rugosa ‘Rubra’ is a vigorous, fast-growing shrub that makes excellent dense hedging. It has glossy green leaves, that turn a yellow in the autumn, upon prickly stems with masses of small bristly thorns. Fragrant, large, single, pink-red flowers blossom from June to September, followed by large, orange-red hips in autumn.

Also known as Saltspray Rose or Japanese Rose, Rosa rugosa ‘Rubra’ (Ru) is widely used as an ornamental plant, or as a dense, fast-growing, deciduous hedge or screening. It is also good for coastal areas which gives it the name, the Saltspray Rose.

A fast growing hedge, Rosa rugosa ‘Rubra’ (Ru) will grow on average 30cm to 45cm a year. It has an ultimate height of 1.5 metres and an ultimate spread of 1.5 metres, taking as little as 5 years to reach its ultimate height and spread. When growing Rosa rugosa ‘Rubra’ (Ru) it will thrive best in full sun with fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Due to its hardy nature it is tolerant of poor soil and can withstand shade.

Our Rosa rugosa ‘Rubra’ (Ru) comes from our family run nursery in Kent, and is available in a range of sizes as bare root or rootballed plants. When planting as a hedge, we recommend planting 3 to 5 plants per metre, and trimming in late winter as necessary.

Planting your first Rosa rugosa ‘Rubra’ (Ru) hedge? For further information about Rosa rugosa ‘Rubra’ (Ru), or if you need advice on your hedging choices, contact us today.