Sweet Box (Sarcococca Confusa) also known as Christmas Box is a much undervalued, exquisitely scented small evergreen. This species, a member of the Buxaceae family is thought to be native to western China. Suitable for hedges up to 75cm it is an excellent substitute for Box, especially if box blight is a problem.

It is fabulous planted near doorways, gates or pathways, edging borders, in fact anywhere where the delightful scent of the flowers can be enjoyed. Sweet Box is a fabulous little shade tolerant evergreen, reliable and easy to grow in many situations including dry soil and dense shade. Pointed oval glossy green leaves, highlight the delightfully scented tiny white flowers which appear in late winter and are followed by small black berries enjoyed by the birds. During the dull and cold winter months, the glorious smell of the flowers fill the air with fragrance, bringing some cheer to the dreariest of days.

A plant best suited to planting in the shade, partial shade, even dense shade in most moist but well drained soil. It can be planted in full sun but the deep green glossy leaves are likely to appear bleached. With a growth rate of only 10cm per year it requires very little pruning which can be done as required.

These plants are sold as potted plants and as such can be planted year round subject to availability at your convenience. We are always happy in our office to answer any other questions you may have so please do call.