A soaker hose is an excellent investment in most gardens being good for your garden, the environment and on your wallet! Regular watering in dry spells is essential for any newly planted hedge and the use of a soaker hose kit makes this important job much less tiresome eliminating the need to drag hoses and stand for hours watering.

A soaker hose is water efficient, putting water exactly where your plants need it, with less water lost through evaporation. It is especially effective if a good layer of bark chippings or stone is placed on top of the hose once in position which will also helping to keep the hose stationary in the required spot.

Soaker hose, typically made of recycled rubber from old car tyres, is porous the entire length of the pipe allowing a slow uniform and gentle release of water along its full distance at a rate that the plants and the ground can absorb it with great efficiency. This kind of hose is not only good for using in borders it is a very useful piece of equipment when used in vegetable gardens and greenhouses.

Using a soaker hose to its maximum efficiency is best done when used on a flat surface of no more than 50 meters at a time, water will spread up to 18 inches either side of the hose meaning a single pipe will easily water a single or double staggered row. For wider areas the hose should be laid at 3ft intervals. Bear in mind when placing a soaker hose that it does not compensate for pressure and therefore does not work well on slopes, so if you have level beds at varying heights use solid hose and fittings between the levels to connect the soaker lengths together forming a continuous length that can be fed from one tap.

Covering a soaker hose with a few inches of mulch or stones also protects it from sun damage aiding in it lasting for several seasons as it is prone to degrade. Another tip if storing for a while is to plug the open end so soil and insects cannot clog it and then flush it through before using it next.