We have a range of bamboo canes in a variety of sizes from 90cm to 150cm. They can be bought as a bundle or singularly too.

Bamboo canes have many different uses throughout your garden from staking, to helping to hold up taller plants or young plants that need support. They also come in extremely handy when growing vegetables, as they can support their growth and allow them to develop as tall as they need too.

They can be placed into the ground, into containers or grow bags, helping to support any plant and aspect of your garden including; ornamental, your kitchen garden, medicinal garden, or allotments.

You can get creative with the look of your bamboo canes also by creating wigwams, frameworks, crop protection cages, obelisks, plus so much more.

They truly are one of the best accessories you can have in your garden and greenhouse, with multiple uses.

For more information about our bamboo canes, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team.