Landscape fabric staples are used primarily for holding down sections of landscape fabric a weed suppressing matting but they can also be put to good use for securing many other items such as fleece recommended when protecting young or tender plants from harsh winter conditions and windbreak netting used to minimise disturbance to newly planted hedges in windy exposed areas around the garden.

They are also useful for pinning down wire rabbit netting on the ground which can then be covered with soil to ensure the rabbits cannot get through or under the wire as the staples will hold it firmly in place.

The staples are large 4 x 6 inches in size and push easily into the fabric and stay flush to the ground holding the fabric snuggly in place. When making the cuts in the fabric through which to plant your shrubs or young trees use the staples to ensure the folds are held neatly held around the plant. Inserting 1 staple approximately every 3ft will stop the wind dislodging the fabric and keep it secure.

Many feel they are an unnecessary expense but as they are easily removed and can be reused time and time again they are actually quite a modest outlay as replacing the fabric should it separate and lift is a much larger cost in both time and money.

These economical accessories used carefully with the landscape fabric will ensure a flat even base through which you can plant without risk if the weather becomes inclement. Should over time the fabric has become stretched the pins can be removed and replaced to tighten the stretched fabric.